Dr. Denis offers a holistic mental health assessment, focussing on the interplay of body systems and the mind. He addresses the roles of lifestyle, diet, body hormones, sleep issues, nutrition and stress. He is a skilled therapist, with formal training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Dr. Denis offers individual counselling, as well as Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy groups offered through the Centre For Mindfulness Studies.

Dr. Denis is very experienced in the use of herbs and supplements to help support mood and reduce anxiety levels. Dr. Denis has found that herbs and supplements can provide significant support to help reduce the intensity of low moods and anxiety.

Mindfulness is a non-judgmental way of paying attention in the present moment.  This helps us to relate differently to such conditions as Depression and Anxiety, opening us to possibilities for change.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) examines the relationship between beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  Negative thoughts can take on a life of their own; increasing our suffering.  CBT helps us identify habitual patterns of thought; challenging them and leading us to more constructive beliefs, resulting in changes in moods and behaviours.

Antidepressant Medication

Dr. Denis recognizes that antidepressant medication can be very helpful when used in conjunction with effective counselling, and works with many clients who are on these medications. He holds no negative bias towards medication and has experience working with clients who have received significant benefit from being on an antidepressant. Given a lack of bias, Dr. Denis can provide helpful guidance in determining when the time is right to come off of medication. He also has experience with helping clients to come off these medications in a safe manner while minimizing negative withdrawal symptoms. In many cases a herbal approach can be an effective replacement of an antidepressant medication.


“When we begin to see clearly what we do, how we get hooked and swept away by old habits, our usual tendency is to use that as a reason to get discouraged, a reason to feel really bad about ourselves. Instead, we could realize how remarkable it is that we actually have the capacity to see ourselves honestly, and that doing this takes courage. It is moving in the direction of seeing our life as a teacher rather than as a burden. This involves, fundamentally, learning to stay present, but learning to stay with a sense of humor, learning to stay with loving-kindness toward ourselves and with the outer situation, learning to take joy in the magic ingredient of honest self-reflection.”
- Pema Chodron